End of a beautiful Journey

I am about to give my last examination at +2 level this 21st of May, 2017.

Wow, it has been a wonderful journey, starting from 2004 when I first joined school spent 12 years there, then took a drop to take a break, organise and plan my life ahead, well I am ready now to take on anything.
My teenage years are over as well. Not much fun I had, but it wasn’t that bad. I learnt many things which will help me through the rest of my life.

As acknowledgement I would like to thank my mom and other family members for supporting me, they did what they could. My friend Anirban always supported me as well. This year marks our 10 year anniversary of friendship. I am through in through to take on the challenges that come forward in life.

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This Era

This era is when everything is happening and accelerating so fast.

Over the past 200 years, since 1800, advancements in medicine and other healthcare have helped humans to grow their population exponentially. Almost 9 Billion expected by 2050!

That is absolutely insane for our ecological system. For a succesful species, humans have killed animals, exploited nature enough in the past 100 years to cause an irreversible damage.

Internet in the late 20th century has marked itself as the most important inventions of mankind. It’s a revolution. Everyone has seen a drastic change in their lives because of it.

And Science/Tech??

We live in the Golden Age of Science, more has been discovered in the last century than in all prior history. We are the first generation to have seen almost to the edge of our Universe and almost to the benginning of time.

But, are we missing anything?

On the shortness of life.

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The Required Mindset…

Mental Equilibrium: Perhaps the most important factor, we should never let ourselves develop an inferiority or superiority complex in our mind. Our mind should be unaltered by the surrounding environment. This can be better done by meditation.

Some Things Can’t Be Changed: We can’t force the Sun to rise in the West, we can’t wish to drink water through our eyes, so in life everything has a purpose, it’s upto us how we treat every object and situation.

People: If people start hating you, you should be aware that those “few” people are not required at all to achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life. Treat all others independently and take your time before judging anyone.

Respect your ideology and works: It is v.important to respect whatever you believe in, if you believe that sleeping at 3 in the night is good for you, don’t let others tell you when to sleep.

You should be confident on whatever work you have done in the past, doesn’t matter if it was a disaster or something to be proud of, it is very important for progress. Learn and respect your past, the future will welcome you with grace.

Time: Time is a mystery, I think time is eternity, it is the ultimate thing in the Universe, it’s upto you how you treat it but never take the time you have have ‘for granted’.  Even if we had a time machine to use time as a currency, my advice would’ve been the same.

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